"Minds are like flowers, they only open when time is right "

- Stephen Richards- 


Nomi H Rave, is a fine art photographer living between New York City and Woodstock, Upstate New York. She studied Photography at the ICP- International Center for Photography, New York. Rave explores different forms of photography from studio portraits fashion scene and street photography. She is mostly passionate about the art of nature in particular flowers. 

"Inspired from the nature around me, I photograph flowers and create with them colorful images. I explore the flora and fauna around my studio located in Woodstock, New York.

I collect and photograph flowers from my surroundings: my backyard and local farms.


The past year has been very significant for my development as a fine art photographer.

I work with flowers and plants straight from their growing field and habitat and created surprising compositions with them, which was the point of departure for my photographs. Spending time between the natural world and my studio allows me to push my artistic boundaries, and to use light as material. I like to experiment with a variety of techniques

And to create unique, creative and powerful new visual images".